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Helping fast growth software vendors recruit the best talent across EMEA & APAC via both Agency and In-House Talent services.

Who are Synchro Europe?


Our proven strengths and unique perspective on recruitment will travel, learn and develop with you through your high growth hiring journey. How? By a natural morphing from agency recruitment to fully trained and employed in-house talent management. This organically plugs the ill effect of disconnected external agencies and demotivated in-house recruitment. It leaves you with a skilled recruitment capability and the flexibility to efficiently deliver the modern-day strategic aspects of talent acquisition. HybridTA avoids silos and flows. It becomes interwoven into the business creating a collaborative and process driven meaningful recruiting category, capable of engaging with all functional stakeholders. The outcome: faster and predictable growth, stable employees and the skills to execute against a forward planning strategy.

About Philip Marks, the Founder


Philip Marks set up Synchro Europe in 2001. His team work with international software companies expanding their EMEA presence.  

 "A true gentleman - I can recommend Philip without reservations. He has outstanding understanding of the global recruiting marketplace". 

"He is an accomplished businessman with the ability to quickly understand company / market positioning, skill sets and value propositions, all of which allow him to deliver the very highest quality of candidates.  His clients and candidates maintain close relationships with him for many years. Philip’s process of research/contact, qualification and briefing allows me to receive the right candidates every time. He is a pleasure to work with, a real partner, and I would not hesitate to recommend Philip". 

What is Hybrid Talent Acquisition?


  “HybridTA” is an intuitive talent strategy for rapid growth software businesses, increasing their ability to hire and retain the best talent in Europe.  Fast growth tech businesses endure constantly evolving market conditions and circumstances, new functions and new regions, creating regular change to headcount requirements. These regular shifts create a desire for both external agency and in-house talent acquisition. The combination of both is not sustainable and inharmonious.  Regular change demotivates and de-prioritises both camps hindering flow. This impacts on outcome and the successful execution against strategy.  This constant flux inhibits process, stifles communication and collaboration and ultimately impinges on results. There are more synchronous, strategic and organic ways to hire successfully. We provide a proven highly potent and flexible capability to deliver this. Our deep experience in both camps has allowed us to identify these pains and develop a pragmatic combination of new, flexible and scalable solutions. HybridTA is the subtle difference that creates a genuine and powerful business advantage.

The growing pains of recruitment


As the business grows, consideration and planning now needs to be given for: 

 ·  New Geographical Locations

 ·  New and Multiple Functions

 ·  Consistent Processes

 ·  Consensus and Collaboration

 ·  Creative Sourcing Skills

 ·  Stakeholder or Hiring Manager Buy-In

 ·  Recruitment Co-ordination

 ·  Recruitment Engagement and Insight

 ·  Spiralling Non Sustainable Agency Recruitment Costs

The outcome is the need for an in-house recruitment resource: 

The agencies are now competing with an in-house recruiter. Smart agencies know from the start they live on borrowed time. This limits their commitment and motivation. 


The new talent resource needs to:

· Gain respect and rapport with stakeholders and the hiring team

· Credibly present the value proposition and technology of the business at high levels

· Appreciate the values and culture of the business

· Expound the board and founder’s vision

· Understand and be connected to the ecosystem that they will source from

· Save on recruitment fees while delivering better results than the void they fill

Easily said and rarely achieved. This transition is painful never seamless and the business suffers a setback. The in-house resource suffers from a spectrum of challenges. The business suffers. 

Sounds familiar? 

Reasons why the HybridTA model is compelling


HybridTA is geared to evolve from External Agency to In-house Talent and becomes a dynamic trained employed Talent Acquisition resource.

The key to  HybridTA is being motivated and incentivised by being a part of and early in your journey. This creates a vested interest in long term strategies and garners stakeholder buy-in. It plays a more focused and intrinsic role creating stronger outcomes. As team members we become fully committed and focused motivated by this long term commitment. 


HybridTA provides the following in-house capabilities: 

· Stakeholder and hiring team buy-in by being instrumental in hiring it

· A deep insight of the technology, value proposition and executive team’s vision and roadmap and the ability to present it at an executive level

· A strong recruitment practice with streamlined processes

· Adoption/Procurement of Application Tracking Systems

· Complimenting and HR Integration including streamlining on-boarding

· A deep understanding of the true culture of the business learned by being part of it

· A deep understanding and knowledge of the ecosystem to recruit from

· A deeper and more relevant EMEA network operating in your ecosystem

· Ability to define and refine job and person description consistent with marketing

· A true deep network across EMEA

· The creation of strong candidate experience and the commercial impact

This all amounts to tangible cost savings on recruitment fees, delivering beyond agency and untrained in-house talent acquisition.  A flexible, streamlined, optimised recruitment capability. Essential for fast growth.

Your Return on Investment


Where HybridTA was born:  

i) Client: A VC Backed US SaaS Vendor. Hired VP EMEA, the first head in EMEA and a small team as an agent Asked to recruit 20 EMEA Increasing EMEA headcount to 50 EMEA employees. Moved in-house to save cost and add value Helped move from 20-90 headcount as in-house recruiter.

Minimum 167% ROI against a £150,000 investment over 12 months.

ii) Client: A VC backed US start up. Requested by the VP EMEA to recruit 3 staff across EMEA successfully delivered as an agent. Requested to hire approx 15 staff across EMEA. Joined as in-house 44% ROI against a £150,000 investment over 12 months.


iii) Client: 2016 established hyper fast growth SaaS. Requested to join immediately as in-house recruiter by Chairman and VP to help build a multi lingual sales team. Recruited 30 Sales and Partner sales staff in 12 months 100% direct sourced. 150% ROI against a £120,000 investment over 12 months.


iv) Client: US software vendor experiencing high growth. In-house talent project Involving recruiting 12 EMEA staff internally, which produced an approximate 164% ROI against a £50,000 investment over 5 months.


Who we fit: 

HybridTA fits best with Series ‘B’ or ‘C’ VC funded US vendors Or European software start-ups seeking to set up and expand quickly and successfully across Europe. We fit forward planning software businesses considering limited use of specialist Agencies for specific hires to deliver high growth or a flexible in-house capability short or long term.

When we start: 

Being Hybrid we can join at any time during the journey of a fast growth software vendor and in any capacity and can change at any time with the near flick of a switch. That’s the beauty of it.

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